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Emergency Medical Services also know as Ambulance services or Paramedical services are very crucial part of the medical industry, there is a list of Ambulance services in Mumbai (Ambulance Service Mumbai). Mumbai is a place where people are don’t have enough time. but when it comes to emergency medical services, we Mumbaikars are the best at it. there are a lot of Ambulance service in India provided by the government and private companies. today will be talking about the how Ambulance Service in Mumbai works. To start with Best Ambulance service in India specifically ((Ambulance Service Mumbai) provided by the companies and government are listed Below, with this you could decide which one suits you the best for loved ones. Ambulance Service Mumbai Mumbai is divided between the suburbs and name to few big stations are Churchgate, Bandra, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Andheri, Borivali, Mira road and Virar(Ambulance Service Mumbai). These are the western lines of Mumbai. Ambulance service providers who are established in western line are very much flexible to provide Ambulance in Mumbai anywhere. where we have other suburbs such as Thane, Navi Mumbai, and panel are also very much connected to Mumbai help them to reach out in a given time. when it comes to choosing the Best Ambulance service in Mumbai, there are a number of factors linked to it. don’t worry will be covering that all for you, which will help you to determine which Ambulance service you need to select. Ambulance Service Mumbai 1. Instant response: while choosing an Ambulance service, make sure that your Ambulance service provider is backed by 24/7 support team, to ensure that all calls will be answered so that you should be getting the real-time update about the ambulance reaching your destination. there a many who make the false claim of reaching in 10 mins which is not possible as you know our Mumbai traffics. look for customers reviews and testimonies who have used their services and this will help you to determine the Instant response timing. 2. Ambulance charges: Another factor to choose your ambulance service is pricing, but obviously all services which will be delivered will not be free, they charge lumpsum for their services depending upon the locations of transfer and type of ambulance required by you. do not go with cheap one as they might not up to the quality, choose the one who is trusted and established player in the market and can provide the best service the competitive price. 3. Types of service: There is a number of services provided by the ambulance services in Mumbai, we have listed all below for you to make a proper decision for hiring ambulance in Mumbai. a) Cardiac Ambulance Service: Cardiac Ambulance service is a mobile ICU Unit, which contains all emergency medical services. In short, it is a mobile clinic with advanced life support service. Major Hospitals, local hospitals, Medical camps. health centers, government general hospitals, health facilities and private hospitals they all require Cardiac Ambulance service for shifting/transferring patient from one hospital to another hospital or to other locations as the case may be. Cardiac Ambulance Service is the most primary service provided by the ambulance companies in Mumbai. Ambulance Service Mumbai a) Cardiac Ambulance is very well equipped with the modern ICU machinery such as Paramedic, Stretcher, Oxygen, Ventilator, Monitoring Equipment, Defibrillator and few more. Certified and experienced doctor plays an important role to provide the best service, after all its the doctor who manages all the equipment in the mobile ICU. so while choosing, make your sure your doctor is well experienced in the field. do not just carried away with the advertisement. b) Basic Ambulance: Basic ambulance is not very well equipped like a cardiac ambulance but we there are much reason to book basic ambulance, first of all, it is cost-effective, if your patient is not in that serious condition, then you could transfer in a basic ambulance. As these ambulances have basic life support equipment such as Paramedic, Stretcher, Oxygen, and nebulizer. Ambulance Service Mumbai Basic Ambulance is very much used for transferring patient especially to outstation. like from one state to another in India. Ambulance service in Mumbai also provides icebox in an ambulance for transferring dead bodies to long distances. c) Ambulance for Outstation: Both Cardiac and Basic ambulances are used to transfer the patient for long distances. Many of the patients require medical treatment in major hospitals or patient has just received treatment from a major hospital and can be shifted to other local hospital or hospital which near to them. with this service, the patient can be transferred to any part of India. Ambulance service provider in Mumbai charge as per the Kms for these services. Ambulance Service Mumbai d) Air Ambulance: Air Ambulance is a speed of art service where customers get the speedy transfer of their patients from one city to another or internationally, it is a bit expensive but worth it. Air ambulance is specially designed privet jets similar to lear jets which are considered very reliable. cost of air ambulance depend on the distance and other circumstances such condition of the patient, aircraft size, crew, however, it depends how well-customized service you required. And about the flexibility, a medical helicopter can be accessed to areas where landing space is low. a special air ambulance offer more space onboard compare to commercial flight, however, a commercial fight can also be booked to transfer the patient if budget is low, a sperate cabin can be provided by the commercial companies in which patient and crew member will be accommodated. 4) Doctors and Crew Members: a very important part to look for, Make sure the ambulance service provider provides you the well-experienced doctor, nurses and support staff. With this small article we like enlighten the Mumbaikars what factors should they look before they book an ambulance in Mumbai, and with these all resources we like recommend WELLCARE Ambulance services (Ambulance Service Mumbai) for your all need. WellCare ambulance has all the required points and state of art technology which will enhance your experience and gives you the best result of their service. Thanks for reading our resourceful article hope this will help you 🙂 Ambulance Service Mumbai

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